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  • Detailed customization of Flex Soft software for your company with the addition of distinctive features

  • Manufacturing Management

    Project Management

    Professional Reports

    Software changes


SAR14,000for the first year
  • Or by installment system, 1500 riyals per month, paid in quarterly installments

  • Everything you need to manage your project

  • 8 users
  • 5 GB storage
  •  ✔️ Comprehensive Accounting

      ✔️ Purchasing Management

    ✔️ Sales Management

    ✔️ Warehouse Management

    ✔️ Customer Relationship Management

    (additional fees) Human Resources

    (additional fees) Fixed Assets

    (additional fees) Online Point of Sale

    (additional fees) Fingerprint Integration

  • Add User

    + 750 Saudi Riyals

    Add 1 GB

    + 300 Saudi Riyals

    Add a company branch

    + 3000 Saudi Riyals

    Add a branch

    + 1000 Saudi Riyals

  •  Contract renewal

    4000 Saudi riyals


SAR10,000To the first year
  • Alternatively, you can pay in installments of 1000 SAR per month, paid quarterly.

  • Get started and expand with Flex Soft.

  • 5 users
  • 5 GB storage capacity
  •  ✔️ Comprehensive Accounting

      ✔️Purchasing Management

    ✔️Sales Management

    ✔️Warehouse Management

    ❌Human Resources

    ❌Customer Relationship Management

    ❌Fixed Assets

    ❌Online Point of Sale

    ❌Fingerprint Integration

  • Addition of human resources

    + 3000 Saudi Riyals

    Addition of a user

    + 750 Saudi Riyals

    Addition of 1 GB

    + 300 Saudi Riyals

    Addition of a company branch

    + 3000 Saudi Riyals

    Addition of a branch

    + 1000 Saudi Riyals

  •    Contract renewal

    3000 SAR


SAR4,000For the first year
  • Or with installment system, 400 SAR per month to be paid quarterly.

  • For small and startup companies

  • 3 users
  • 5 GB storage capacity
  •  ✔️ Comprehensive accounting

      ❌Purchasing management

    ❌Sales management

    ❌Warehouse management

    ❌Human resources

    ❌Customer relationship management

    ❌Fixed assets

    ❌Online point of sale

    ❌Fingerprint connection

  • Comprehensive Warehouse Management:

    + SAR 2000

    Adding a user:

    + SAR 500

    Adding 1 GB:

    + SAR 300

  •   Contract Renewal

    2500 SAR

ERP Next - Cloud Accounting Software

1- Integrated project management, including all units required for work

2- It saves a lot of technical costs and makes it easy to connect branches

3- Open source so that it provides the ability to make any software modifications needed by the work

4- Possession of the modification of the software code of the system and the ability to work with any service provider

افضل برنامج محاسبة

Accounting system

We guarantee you flexible tools to manage your accounts smoothly, from a flexible chart of accounts and hierarchical cost centers to measure the performance of branches and products, and with the wonderful discretionary budget management, you can control expenses. The system also provides a set of standard and graphic reports to make the picture always clear to decision makers.

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inventory system

The inventory system includes integrated and effective tools that enable you to manage inventory with high professionalism and keep you informed of the movement of inventory at all times.

Purchasing Management System

The procurement system in the program is designed based on the best practices that make the procurement team work closely, starting from receiving material requests and converting them to requests for quotations from suppliers, then sending purchase orders and following up on receiving them in the store, as well as making their own purchase invoices:


sales system

The system helps you to manage the sales process in an organized and professional manner, starting from communicating with potential customers and ending with the delivery of goods and collecting payments from customers. Quotations easily and easily. You can follow up on the quotations sent to customers with their validity date and identification of offers

ERP Next System

The cloud ERP system provides you with complete management and follow-up of the company’s departments with the ability to obtain detailed and comprehensive reports for all activities and departments to identify the actual performance


Through the CRM unit, the user can manage potential deals and potential customers professionally, as the system provides flexible tools to follow up on visits and meetings with these customers and follow up their progress in the sales process


HR System

The Human Resources Department is one of the important departments in the development of the facility, as it is concerned with preserving all the data of the employees and following up their performance during the year to obtain accurate evaluations that help in training and promotion decisions, in addition to the financial belongings of each employee and vacation balances. To perform this work professionally, the system provides tools


manufacturing system

The manufacturing department is one of the important departments in industrial establishments of all kinds and it requires specific tools to manage its work professionally due to its overlap with other units such as the accounting department in terms of determining the real costs of the units produced through the correct calculation of the cost of raw materials and also there is overlap with inventory management through the withdrawal of raw materials And then return them in the form of finished products

Projects System

The project management unit provides various tools for managing different projects in terms of cost and in terms of project completion schedule. The system also has a Gantt chart that is dedicated to managing tasks in each project and enables you to have an insight into each project in an easy and fast way.

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