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Store Management

Store Management

The inventory system includes integrated and efficient tools that enable you to manage inventory professionally

High and keep you constantly informed of inventory movement at all times and include these tools

Items Screen

To create new items and link them to accounting to create accounting entries

In case of buying and selling automatically


Manage unlimited number of stores and manage stock movement

Including by the conversion of the stock

Purchase Receipt & Delivery Note

This feature allows you to receive purchases through a separate process on the system

As well as for the sales process by delivery bonds with a presence

The support feature of the materials or products that require installation in the customer’s place to follow up what has been accomplished

Bar-code and serial number

The system supports barcode properties for quick sales and can define several bar codes for a single product

The system also supports the addition of serial numbers of products or generated by the system

Multiple Unite of Measurement

The system enables you to use multiple units of measurement per item and use them in operations

Such as buying with a carton, selling with a grain or a piece, with no discrepancy in the cost calculation

Landed Cost

This feature enables you to add freight and customs clearance to the value of the product to affect

Directly into the inventory value after handling the expenses paid before the product arrives

Batch & Expiration Date

This property is essential for medical products or any product associated with a specific date of validity

You can create a batch and set a date of validity for it

Bundle Item

This feature enables the definition of a main item containing several other grouped items

The sales invoice shows one item and affects the grouped items in terms of quantity discount

And accurately calculate the cost of each item

Store reports

The reports provide a large number of reports that help to follow the stock professionally, including (inventory balance report –

Inventory Book – Inventory Lifetime – Batch Item and Validity – With Report Builder you can build unlimited number of reports