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Sales Administration

Sales Management
The system helps you to manage the sales process in an orderly and professional manner, starting with communication with potential customers and ending with delivery of goods and collection of payments from customers
Sales Steps:

It is easy to follow the offers of prices sent to customers with a date of validity and identify rejected offers with the reasons for rejection to improve in the future to avoid loss of potential customers

Sales Orders
This is the last step within the sales management tasks, through which the customer requests can be followed up, the quantity of materials delivered and the remaining and the holding of certain goods ordered after the request of the customer

Delivery Note
It is the official document for the delivery of products to the customer, through which the sales orders can be monitored and what has actually been implemented and also helps in monitoring the sales inventory

Sales invoice
In addition to the basic criteria in the regular sales invoice, the system offers the option of payment date or the determination of payment in installments and on specific dates and follow-up in the receivables report