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Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management
The manufacturing /production department is one of the most important departments in the various types of industrial establishments and requires specific tools to manage its work professionally because it overlaps with other units such as accounting management in terms of determining the real costs of producing units through the correct calculation of the cost of raw materials. And then returned in the form of finished products.
The system has a flexible professional cycle that helps to integrate the management of manufacturing, accounts and inventory, and is evident through the following tools:

Bill of Material
The final product and the raw materials required for its production and quantities, as well as any other manufacturing expenses, such as workers’ wages, rent, electricity and other costs

Production order
Through the production order you can issue orders to produce specific quantities through which the system withdraws the quantities of raw materials predefined on the material table from the warehouse of raw materials to the specified manufacturing warehouse
After the material is withdrawn, the production order is displayed. After finishing the manufacturing process, we press the end button, which in turn pulls the finished materials from the work station to the finished warehouse.
The production order can be completed in part by issuing a production order of 100 units and return the finished materials in part by the quantity produced

Production Planning Tool
This tool is specialized in assembling multiple sales orders in one production order. This feature is ideal for companies that are interested in operating production machines to produce a minimum number of items. For example, some machines are only run for 100 units of the class. High playback

Manufacturing Reports

Open Manufacturing Orders Report
This report provides the details of the manufacturing orders in progress, the follow-up of quantities and the quantities in progress, with the possibility of following up the planned time for completion of production
Report Finished Production Orders
It is a report that shows finished production orders over a specified period of time
Production Analysis Report
This report is concerned with the production processes through follow-up through the various stages of production, as opposed to the quantity of production for production orders that have not yet begun, as well as production orders in progress and quantities of production orders already produced