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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
The Human Resources Department is one of the most important departments in the development of the company. It is responsible for keeping all employee data and monitoring their performance during the year to obtain accurate evaluations that help in the training and promotion decisions as well as the financial belongings of each employee and the leave balances.

Employee Database
It collects staff data from personal information, study information and experience information in a single database in a structured manner that facilitates access to future staff information

Monthly Salaries and Loans
The system provides a flexible tool to handle the monthly salaries, which provides a screen to define the salary structure of the employee, which includes details of the basic salary and housing allowance and other allowances, and also provides the system screen for providing advances by employees and then approval or rejection of the advance by the person concerned with the possibility of determining the monthly Deduction from the employee’s salary automatically without any manual intervention

The system provides multiple options for dealing with the attendance and departure of employees, which can be entered daily on a dedicated screen in a simple way, or by collecting data in an Excel file and is uploaded at the end of the month. This option is suitable for companies that have a fingerprint device for daily attendance, Currently, we are developing a mechanism to connect the fingerprint device with the FlexERP system, which facilitates and reduces efforts in monitoring attendance and departure

The system provides professional tools to deal with employee vacations, which allows the addition of different types of leaves on the system, such as annual leave and leave of study and sick leave, etc., also provides the system of the allocation of the balance monthly, where the employee can apply for leave through the balance available in the system
There is also a system of accreditation or rejection by the Director of leave and the facility for sending of an email to the employee concerned to refuse or accept the leave

Many institutions are interested in developing human cadres by providing regular courses for their team to keep up with the developments in the labor market. In terms of training, the system provides a professional mechanism for establishing courses and assigning them to specific employees with the possibility of obtaining the results of these courses and keeping them in the employee files. These courses determine the feasibility of these courses and training bags

You can easily post your open positions on the software and fill candidates form and link the form to specific open position and let the concern person check the candidates and contact them directly from the software and then pick the right Employee and send him job offer directly through job offer screen