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Account Management

Accounting Management
We guarantee a full range of accounting tools that help users manage their business professionally. This package includes the following tools

Chart of Accounts
Flexible chart of accounts with an infinite number of accounts and structure consistent with international standards

Chart of Cost Centers
You can create a tree structure for Cost Centers to represent your business better. Each Income / Expense entry is also tagged against a Cost Center.

You may not have shipping expenses for your walk-in customers, and no shop- rent for your online customers. If you want to get the profitability of each of these separately, you should create the two as Cost Centers and mark all sales as either “Walk-in” or “Online”. Mark your all your purchases in the same way.
Thus, when you do your analysis you get a better understanding as to which side of your business is doing better. Since FlexERP has an option to add multiple Companies, you can create Cost Centers for each Company and manage it separately.

You can define budgets against any Cost Center whether it is a Group / Leaf node in the Chart of Cost Centers.

You can monitor and plan your monthly expenses at the cost branch level
From warning or stop operations to prevent exceeding the limit and also can do analysis based on report of what was planned and actually disbursed so that the Department gets a clear picture of business situation at any time during the year

Receipts and payments
Manage customer and supplier payments, link them to invoices and track outstanding invoices, with the possibility of creating a numbering sequence for each branch

Multiple currencies
The system provides the ability to work in more than one currency, easily issue bills of purchase in dollars and then the system converts them to Saudi Riyal

Accounting reports
Standard Reports (Balance Sheet – Trial Balance – Cash Flow – Profit and lost – Accounts Receivable – Accounts Payable –Sales and Purchase Reports)

Other reports:

The system provides more than 25 reports and provides a tool to build reports that enable the construction of any number of reports with the possibility to receive via email on a daily – weekly – monthly basis without manual intervention