Purchase Management System

The procurement cycle is subject to an agreed global standard through a specific and clear sequence of operations, and it consists in the system of:

Material requests:

This feature provides a screen that enables employees to make a request for materials, whether they are items of sale or items for internal consumption

Request for Quotation:

Through this screen, you can send requests for quotations to suppliers directly from the system to obtain the prices of the products you want to purchase before making a decision on the purchase

Supplier quote:

Through this screen, you will enter the quotations you received from suppliers and compare them to determine the best offer to make the purchase

Purchase Order:

This screen is concerned with entering purchase orders for products, following up on the date of receipt, and following up on unreceived purchase orders

purchase invoice:

Through which the balance is established to the supplier and the date of payment is determined based on payments or one payment and these payments are followed up in the supplier payments report

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