Account Management System

A complete set of accounting tools that help users to manage business professionally. This package includes the following tools:

Accounts guide:

Flexible chart of accounts with an infinite number of accounts and levels with classifications matching international standards

Cost Centers Guide:

The system provides a guide for cost centers in a hierarchical manner, which helps in the establishment of a main center and sub-cost centers and gives the feature of reviewing the main center or sub-centers, where cost centers help to measure the performance of certain units within the activity, whether these units are branches, products or a group of products to know the real return from them from By setting aside its revenues and charging its expenses to a specific cost center


You can monitor your monthly expenses at the cost branch level and set policies for them such as warning or stopping operations to prevent exceeding the specified limit. You can also obtain a report on what was planned and what was actually spent so that the administration gets a clear picture of the expenses at the end of the year

Receipts and Payments:

Enable to manage customer and supplier payments and link them to invoices and follow up on unpaid invoices with the possibility of making a numbering series for each branch separately


The system provides the feature of working in more than one currency, easily issue purchase invoices in dollars and then the system converts them into Saudi riyals

Accounting reports:

Standard reports (income statement – statement of financial position – trial balance – cash flow statement – accounts receivable – accounts payable)

Other reports: The system provides more than 25 other reports and provides a report building tool that enables building any number of reports with the possibility of sending them to me by e-mail on a daily – weekly – monthly basis without manual intervention

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