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About Dashboard

This panel is designed to provide quick management profiles of what goes on inside the system and to reflect a comprehensive and simplified picture of the performance of the business

the most important Elements

  • profit and loss Statement

The aim is to clarify the revenues and meet the various expenses and to show the result of the company’s activity, whether profit or loss

  • Top 5 Client Outstanding Amount

Undoubtedly monitoring customer balances is important to ensure cash flow so we designed a small screen to display the top five Outstanding Amounts in the customer list

  • Most sales items

This section aims to show the top five selling items in the sales list, which gives a good indicator of the items to focus on at each stage of the financial year

  • Weekly Summary:

This screen is a very rich place with accounting information on revenue, expenses, new quotes, pending purchase orders, new customer requests. This information is available in the form of figures, making it easy for the reader to make a good picture of the weekly changes in the movement of these amounts